6 Essentials Of A Good Restaurant architecture

Good seating capacity

What matters the most is proper ventilation and space to accommodate rush. But this must not be compromised with seating capacity. Try to plan efficiently the placement of tables and its sizes. Do not compromise over the decor.

Any sort of centre of attraction

A piece of art, maybe a fountain, or a distinct piece of attraction should be designed or built somewhere that catches attention right at the entrance of the restaurant. Such things keep customers indulged and make others visit the place out of curiosity.

Elegant and matching floor

Choose flooring carefully. Floor tiles may either make up ambience or destroy it. It is not just another thing but type of flooring should be decided according to the interior decor. Travertine tiles are a popular choice for interior as well as exterior flooring. The best part about travertine is that it comes in numerous shades and almost matches all type of interior decor.

Lighting and a vibrant ambience

Going with the basic theme of a restaurant, choose wisely the lighting and overall ambience. LEDs now comes in different shades to choose from. Put on lanterns or keep the light dim for a calm ambience. Or keep bright lights for a vibrant ambience. There is a lot to experiment with.


Cleanliness and sanitation, of course is one most important aspect to look at. Since people come to eat, there must not remain any flaw when it comes to hygiene. At beginning every restaurant tends to keep everything shiny and clean. But over the time concern is reduced. Laziness must not prevail and sanitation must be made responsibility of manager.

Maintaining a beautiful surrounding

Professional builders know the new techniques of building a beautiful landscape. Outdoor dining is in trends in Sydney. Having maintained a beautiful surrounding people are surely going to love to revisit. Design classy patios with bluestone paving surrounded by shrubs seated under pergolas.

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