What Should You Look For In A Nigeria News Website?

If you like reading news about Nigeria on the internet then you will appreciate that there are quite a few different websites that could furnish you with information that you might be after however not all websites would be operated in the same way which makes it necessary for you to determine and to identify the right website that you could be referring to on a regular basis for this very purpose.

naija news

You may be a follower of a particular political party that you may want to get regular news about or you may be following close some developmental project that may be taking place in Nigeria which you may want to get updated on reguary. Whatever your requirements, you can find everything online but having an idea on where you could be getting access to certain types of news would allow you to make the most of it.

One of the latest problems facing Nigeria is that of terrorism both locally and from neighboring countries which you might want to have all the current news and updates about. Popular news based websites may have general information and news that you may be interested in however, for more specific details you may want to look for smaller websites such as naija news that may specialize in them.

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I grew up in a chaotic family. My mother had Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a condition that meant she was incapable of loving anyone, including, contrary to popular belief, herself. Her sudden narcissistic rages left us all constantly walking on eggshells. My father meanwhile was her enabler, and would frequently put his wife’s needs above those of my two siblings and me. He was a functional alcoholic, and would regularly drink to numb out the reality of his highly volatile relationship with mother. Furthermore, it was clear that my father favored my eldest sister, which, as I discovered years later with EMDR, was actually more painful than not being loved by my Mother.


School was not a happy, safe place for me either. Bullies are adept at finding victims with vulnerabilities, and they found me. I wasn’t hard to spot; I was often sent to school with un-brushed hair and teeth, and unwashed clothes (neither parent had the inclination to teach me self-care.) The abuse I suffered from other kids was mostly verbal, but I can recall a handful of times it turned physical. Out of defiance, I pushed myself to get a good education. Success was not to be found in relationships though, where I was automatically drawn to men who also had issues.

The result was I had extremely low self-worth, general anxiety most of the time, panic if I tried to do anything out of my comfort zone, jealousy and trust issues, and a rage towards my caregivers and myself, which I wasn’t even aware of.

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I was in my mid-thirties when I finally dealt with my issues. In the past I had had hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique sessions, counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in an attempt to heal, but within weeks I was always back to feeling the way I did before. My own research helped me understand that the bad experiences from my childhood (which led to bad experiences in adolescence and adulthood) were actually traumas, and that I was suffering from the effects of having unprocessed memories. That was when I tried Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I have never had professional EMDR therapy, as my initial self-administered sessions proved so effective I was able to carry on working through my (very) long list of traumas and resolve all my issues myself. It took me over a year to reach the point of emotional health. Now I have healthy self-esteem. I am calm throughout the day. If I do anything outside of my comfort zone I feel only excitement. I attract other healthy minded people into my life in my friendships and relationships. I feel empathy, rather than anger, towards my parents, who were clearly damaged by their own experiences. My life is not perfect; I will always be in recovery, especially from my upbringing at the hands of a narcissistic mother, but EMDR is what liberated me from unhealthy emotions.

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I hope this short blog will give you everything you need to find freedom from whatever is holding you back from a happy and fulfilling life.

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