Upgrade to an Electric Cable Pusher

If you have in mind to upgrade your manual cable reel pusher to an electric one, then you need to know the extra benefits you might be getting from your upgradation. Here is a short guide for those who wish to make a wise purchase at the end.

Courtesy: tengroup

Savings on time

When you upgrade your Cable reel pusher to an electric cable pusher, then you should first think about the cost-effectiveness of the equipment. It is far easier to handle and saves time a lot because of it being faster in operation. Being more quickly in the process it increases the productivity of the project, and as a result, the project is fast completed and delivered. Not only time but an electric pusher also saves on energy as a whole.

Safety factor

It is highly dangerous and risky also to use a manually operated pusher. At times there are incidents when it has caused severe injury and death even. An electric pusher machine comes with some safety features including a warning horn the same task of moving a whole cable reel becomes very safe.

Smaller footprint than manual

When you opt for an electric cable pusher, you must bear in mind that along with the ease of operation, this device is also highly compact in design acquiring less space. This equipment is profoundly easy to install and start using. It is upgraded and most suitable for the current industry thus having a smaller footprint.

Less crew involved

Unlike manual cable reel pusher, this tool is self-efficient and engages only one crew member who is the operator thus saving also on labour cost.

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