4 Types Of Food Cultures You Can Have In Your Buffet

 Everyone loves talking about good food. Food is considered to be one of the most important elements of any culture. Same theory applies when we are talking about attractive wedding reception halls full of happy people coming together for happy occasions. There is nothing that can lift up your mood so much then an array of food buffets. All you need is a great catering idea and a service which has the best wedding venues in sydney . Any element can be forgotten but the good food can easily. One can have a standard 7 course meal which is well done in any western wedding. Or you can also make your reception day special with a surprise cuisine list form a culture that people are not expecting but everyone will love. Here is a list of some of these food cultures. You can choose only one out of these or a combination of two or more than two. So good luck with your buffet!

Wedding Reception Venues


If you have ever seen people travelling to and eating in greece, it looks like a picture from a glossy magazine cover. They have feta cheese, olives, oil glishing on the pan and delicious food coming to serve on the plate. What idea can be better then this for a buffet for a wedding venues in Penrith!


Italian food has been the favourite temptation for millions of taste buds for about many centuries now. Italian make the best use of zesty tomato sauces, wheat flour doughs and exotice flavours. Whatever be your buffet menu, an Italian one is a must.


The Indian food buffet can have a wide variety of flavours from across the world The Indian food menu has the best flavours with dal makhani, butter naan, shahi paneer, chicken and masala dosa. A sure short hit for a wedding and reception party.


Thai food has been a favourite among the lovers of street food. The complex flavours have authentic hint of herbs and spices. A must have for the Asian menu!

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