The Best Shopping In Greece

For many travelers, the trip is not complete without shopping. When traveling to Greece, there are many unique options that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Tourist may want to know where to shop, whether buying unique items for themselves to take home to family and friends.

Many places in this country pride themselves on the needlework crafts they produce, making it difficult to single out just a few; however, the top locations include Crete, Skyros and Rhodes. Other crafts of interest include woodcarvings, ceramics and prints. Many village women offer hand-loomed rugs and silk embroidery.

The leather industry is alive and well in this country. Vacationers will find everything from sandals to saddles created. Rhodes and Crete are among the best places to shop for Grecian leather. It is important to examine each piece thoroughly and pay attention to the quality.

Visitors will find many retail outlets in the cities as well as smaller towns that sell jewelry, so it pays to shop around. Tourist should realize that much being offered is no different than what one would find at home. There are some major, internationally know jewelers in both Athens and Crete.

For olive wood products, one will want to visit Corfu. There it is easy to find bowls, carving boards and utensils. Other lesser places to look include Rethymnon in Crete, Arcadia in the Peloponnese, Chios and Mitilini.

Visitors will find various religious items around the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in Athens. There are shops that sell votive offerings and candles as well as reproductions of the icons. The convents and monasteries will also have religious items.

A trip to Greece would be incomplete without some time shopping. Whether looking for olive wood products, religious items or handcrafted items, visitors will find something to remind them of their trip. Wherever one travels in the country, it pays to keep an eye out for unique souvenirs.